Amazing Script That Automate All Your Blog Posting
    • Amazing Script That Automate All Your Blog Posting

    Amazing Script That Automate All Your Blog Posting


    Blog AutoPoster is a script software that automates blog posting. This online program allows you to automatically publish to a blog using a complete customizable admin interface.

    It allows you to quickly and simply create, modify, and remove categories and articles in your blog, as well as bulk-add a huge number of articles from a text file. It also allows you to search and sort categories and articles.

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    One of the biggest problems facing bloggers today is finding the time to regularly post to their blogs.

    In fact, this is probably the main reason people give up blogging all together. They simply grow tired of having to slog through the entire time-wasting, blog-posting process time after time.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way … not any longer … thanks to a new software program that automates the entire process and makes posting to a blog as easy as clicking a mouse!

    If you have grown tired of manually posting to your blog, you should know two things:

    1. You are not alone
    2.  You’ve definitely come to the right place!

    One of the first things most bloggers realize is that keeping their blogs fresh with new content can be quite a chore.

    But imagine for a moment that you had a loyal assistant, a helper who’s sole job was to make sure that your blogs were regularly updated. In fact, this assistant was so loyal that he or she always updates your blogs at precisely the times you indicate.

    Imagine how having an assistant like that could free you up to concentrate on other important matters like growing your business.

     Imagine how much less stress and frustration you would feel as a result of having that assistant.

     Well, Now You Can Stop Imagining Because the Blog AutoPoster Software Program is That Assistant!

    Get Blog AutoPoster and you will be able to sit back and relax, knowing that your blog is constantly being updated with fresh new content.

    Here are more features and benefits of having this program in your business arsenal:

    1. Enables you to post to a blog automatically by using a fully controlled admin panel that includes such features as add/edit category, articles, email settings, Google and top/bottom post setting!
    2. Allows you to quickly and easily add/edit/delete categories and articles!
    3. Facilitates adding many articles stored in a text file all at one time!
    4. Provides you with a way to easily search/sort categories and articles!
    5. Contains an 'Email Settings' section that helps you store emails for sending blogs to blogger, LiveJournal,    MovabalType, MSNSpaces and TypePad while also helping you store settings for WordPress!
    6. Through its 'Post Settings' feature, allows you to specify blog post settings:
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