Planet Perfecto - Planet Perfecto Uniting The World By Helping Others And Giving Value
    • Planet Perfecto - Planet Perfecto Uniting The World By Helping Others And Giving Value

    Planet Perfecto - Planet Perfecto Uniting The World By Helping Others And Giving Value


    A lovely and inspiring viral video with a message about how we can all work together to make the world a better place.

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    Your value isn't founded on your valuables. Your value is founded on who you are; the unequalled you who has unequalled talents. Only if we give our unequalled value away do we achieve what is most valuable in life. The purpose of our unequalled value isn't to stash it away, but to share it, and only in sharing it will we feel united. Some things you may share:

    • Your ideas, thoughts, opinions
    • Your experience—show other people what you may do for them
    • Your grin; your exuberance, your willingness
    • Your touch—provide a pat on the back...shake a hand…demonstrate affection
    • Your time---a few moments, an hour, or a day committed to another
    • Your talent---share your creative thinking, your mechanical ability, your technical tools

    Fresh research proposes there might be a biochemical explanation for the favorable emotions affiliated with doing good. In a recent study subjects’ brains were monitored by MRIs while they arrived at decisions about donating part of their money to charity. When subjects chose to donate cash, the brain’s mesolimbic system was sparked. Opting to donate likewise activated the part of the brain that brings about feel-good chemicals that advance social bonding.

    Why should we human beings be programmed to react so positively to giving?

    Well evolution has primed us to feel great from giving, but it may not be the sole reason helping others makes us feel better.

    When you’re feeling compassion, benevolence, and kindness, they brush aside the negative emotions.

    Even better, feeling great and doing good may combine to produce a positive feedback loop, where doing good helps us to feel great and feeling great also makes us more probable to do good.

    Day-after-day, share what is unequalled about you. Kindly, liberally, share your opinions and ideas. Be honest, honest and willing. Smile and be optimistic about your talents. Give of yourself so other people may gain. Do it daily, with every encounter. At the end of the day, reflect on what you executed and what made you feel the most beneficial about yourself. That will be your clue about what you do and how you live tomorrow. Enriching another’s life with your unequalled gift is helping to unite the world and bring success to all…however and wherever that manifests itself.

    Significance and unity in life comes from giving it away.

    What makes you significant? Answer that question…then give it away, each day. Then, you'll be helping to create unity and success for all.


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