How To Use PLR Products With a Squeeze Page
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    If you want to sell a PLR product, whether it's a free PLR product or not, you'll need to design a high-quality sales page that will allow you to highlight all of the product's benefits while encouraging your audience to make a rapid impulsive buy.

    However, this is simply one form of 'page' you'll use to promote your products and generate leads. A'squeeze' page is equally crucial. This is the page you'll use to persuade individuals to join a mailing list. It's critical because from there, you'll be able to persuade them to purchase from you over the course of multiple emails.

    And, chances are, you'll be employing another form of PLR product - a 'free report' or a 'incentive' – to construct a successful squeeze page.


    How Does It Work?

    The overall premise is straightforward: by providing a free PDF with content that your target audience want, you will entice them to join your mailing list. They sign up, you deliver the report, and perhaps they love what they read and make a point to read more of what you have to say in the future.

    From there, you add more value via communications until you finally offer your genuine premium product, which they may purchase from you for full price.


    How to Do It Correctly

    What is vital is that you appropriately phrase your squeeze page and apply the appropriate kind of incentive. The huge danger here is that you encourage individuals to join up just for the sake of receiving something for free. After that, they may unsubscribe or just never read another email from you.

    To get around this, keep the incentive very modest and stress how much superior the whole result is. Another technique is to make the freebie in some manner unfinished, so that if people like it, they'll want to acquire the whole thing. Making your reward the first chapter of a longer book, or maybe one of 27 tips, is an excellent approach to do this. You should always leave them wanting more.

    Finally, be certain that the emails themselves provide value. This manner, your audience will be interested in continuing to open them even after they've received their free offer.
    Mehdi, 2021-12-31 20:08:07 -05:00
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