Please keep in mind that the indications on the product/s page are just for the purpose of providing an indication. You will need to download any specific product in order to access the complete set of licencing terms that are included. Please read the whole licencing agreement before downloading to ensure that you are following the author's desires.

You will discover all of the information you need regarding our product licences, as well as the specifics of what they include and what they may provide you.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

Private Label Rights are a kind of licence that allows you to sell a product under your own brand. PLR grants the user the freedom to do almost anything with the content. If you want to sell it, you may alter it and change the content. You can even mark it as your own (in order to claim ownership of it). This licence often allows you to do pretty much everything you want with the product (for more information, please refer to the specific product's complete licence).

Master Resell Rights (MRR)

Master resell rights are a kind of licence that gives you the ability to transfer resell rights to other people. Purchasing a product with master resale rights and then selling it allows your consumer to resell the product in the same way that you did. Depending on the circumstances, it may also enable you to transfer master resale rights to your consumers.

Resell Rights (RR)

The term "resell rights" refers to the ability to resell a certain item to an unlimited number of consumers. For example, you are not permitted to resell a product with resellable rights, which means that you may only offer the goods "as-is," and you are not permitted to pass on or resale the product to your clients if it has been licenced via an RR.

Personal Use (PU)

When it comes to personal matters, such as reading, sharing (only if mentioned), or teaching, Personal Use licences are limited in their use. Products containing PU are not permitted to be resold or altered in any manner, since this licence prohibits such actions. Personal use licences allow you to create an unlimited number of backup copies of your data. Unless specifically indicated otherwise in the licence itself or within the product, it is generally not permitted to be disseminated.

Commercial Use (CU)

This licence allows you to sell and distribute it on a business basis. The majority of the time, while looking through our inventory of digital items, they will explain how this is achievable. For example, the product may come with master resale rights (MRR), which indicates that you are permitted to sell and distribute the product subject to specific criteria, such as those relating to the scope of the licence granted. This is the most popular of the licences that we provide.

Give Away Rights (GAR)

It is essentially all digital items that have the rights to be shared, distributed throughout the internet, given away to your subscribers on a mailing list, and basically anybody who is looking for a free product that you may give away without restriction. These things may even include the right to sell them, but it is not essential to sell these products if you are just giving them out for free.