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In many cultures, a person's age may be measured in a variety of ways. The most used age system is the foundation for this calculator. Age increases in this system with each birthday. For instance, someone who has been alive for three years and eleven months is now three years old, and one month from now, on their next birthday, they will become four. This age structure is prevalent in western nations.

Age is sometimes measured by counting years, either including or excluding the year in question. For instance, a person who is twenty years old is equivalent to a person who is twenty-one years old. People are considered to be born at the age of one in one of the traditional Chinese age systems, and instead of birthdays, the age is increased at the Traditional Chinese New Year. For instance, even if a baby is just two days old, if one was born only one day before the Traditional Chinese New Year, two days later the infant will be two years old.

When the beginning date occurs at the end of a month, the months and days result of this age calculator may sometimes be unclear. For instance, we all consider February 20 to be the beginning of a new month. The age from February 28, 2015, to March 31, 2015, may be determined in two different methods. If you consider February 28 to March 28 as one month, you get one month and three days. The outcome is one month if both February 28 and March 31 are considered to be the end of the month. The outcomes of both calculations are plausible. For periods like April 30 to May 31, May 30 to June 30, etc., there are comparable circumstances. The irregular number of days in various months is the cause of the misunderstanding. We used the earlier technique in our computation.

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